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HP DeskJet 3900 Driver Download: If you’re drives are corrupted for HP DeskJet 3900 printer, then download latest drivers for windows 7, xp and vista.

HP DESKJET 3900 Printer Driver Free Download For Windows 7, 8.1, XP And Vista


HP DeskJet 3900 Utility Diagnostic Tools Download

HP DeskJet 3900 Printer Driver Download

External Mirror Download: HP DeskJet 3900 Drivers

HP Deskjet 3900 Driver specifications

HP Deskjet 3900 printers are manufactured by Hewlett –Packard. All printers in the series make use of the same drivers that are built in at the time of initial packaging of the unit. HP Deskjet 3900 series driver needs Internet connection and USB printer cable.

HP Deskjet 3900 Models include HP Deskjet 3910, HP Deskjet 3918, HP Deskjet 3920, HP Deskjet 3930, HP Deskjet 3930v, HP Deskjet 3938, HP Deskjet 3940 and HP Deskjet 3940v.
The minimum system requirements for HP Deskjet 3900 Models for installation in Microsoft Windows XP are Pentium II 233 megahertz (MHz), 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM and 200 MB accessible hard-disk space. The system requirement for Windows 2000, 98 SE and Me include Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM and 200 MB available hard-disk space. And the minimum system requirements for operating system Mac OS X v10.2, v10.3 and for later versions are Power PC G3 or better, 128 MB RAM and 500 MB existing hard-disk space.

The speed of HP Deskjet 3900 printer is 16 pages per minute for a black text plain paper and the speed is 12 pages per minute for full page, color plain paper.

HP Deskjet 3900 Printer Review

i. HP Deskjet 3900 series printers are low-priced with superior text quality.
ii. The electrical consumption of HP Deskjet 3900 printer is also less than 4 watts to a maximum when it is off, 4 watts to a maximum average when it is not printing and 20 watts to a maximum average when it is printing.
iii. Material safety datasheets are also available for this HP Deskjet 3900 printer.

The duty cycle of HP Deskjet 3900 printer is 500 pages per month which is very less when compared to many sophisticated expensive printers that can even print up to or even more than 100000 pages required in several corporate houses.
Bottom line:
So the crux of the matter is that HP Desk jet 3900 is ideal for users at home who have less printing needs, but not for a big organization which needs printing on a large scale. Thus if you are willing to spend a few more bucks, you can get HP printers with far better printing capacity, higher speed and also better print quality.

HP Deskjet 3900 Design

The physical paper specifications of HP Deskjet 3900 Printer are 5.6 inches in height, 16.6 inches in width, 13.62 inches in depth and 2.04 kg in weight.

HP Deskjet 3900 Installation guide

Now the question is how to install HP Deskjet 3900 driver? As soon as the printer is plugged into the computer by making use of the USB printer cable, windows will try to mechanically locate and set up the driver. If it is successful in its attempt, the printer will be instantly prepared for use. If the user is not able to locate the driver, then he or she should install the printer manually.
Steps for installation:
i. First of all one has to insert the setup disc included with the printer into the CD drive of the computer.
ii. As soon as the setup window is launched, one has to click on ‘install’ and has to abide by the instructions displayed on the computer screen to finish off the process of installation. And if the user is not having the setup disc included in the HP Deskjet 3900 Series printer package, then he or she should go to the homepage of HP Deskjet 3900 Series in his or her web browser.
iii. Then one has to download the drivers with a click on the blue button present at the top of window for the purpose of download. Once the download process is completed, one must save the drivers to an easily accessible place like the desktop.
iv. After that one should double click on the downloaded file in order to start extorting the drivers. The drivers will then start self-extracting from the downloaded file. Just the once the process of extraction gets completed, the setup program will be launched automatically.
v. In the next step one has to click on ‘install’ to start on the process of installation. The setup program will then mechanically fit the driver for HP Deskjet 3900 series printer. And when the installation process is completed, the user will see a confirmation message on the window.
This is all you have to do for installing HP Deskjet 3900 printer.

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